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    Gas Usage and Value addresses issues concerned with the development and sale of natural gas resources. The objective of this book is to give gas industry professionals an overview of the uses and value of gas to the process industries. The text overviews the world's gas reserves and outlines the principal issues concerning composition and the cost of producing well head gas to make a specification product or extract particular components; operation and cost of gas plants; and the cost of transporting the gas to an end-user. Separate chapters deal with the use of gas in the downstream process industries. Gas usages for various technologies are described and alternatives are critically compared. Costs for the downstream process industries are described on a self-consistent basis that allows comparison of alternatives. Estimates are presented for each technology on the cost of production as the gas price changes. Case studies are included to illustrate variations or specific points of relevance. The purpose of this book is to give an overview of the options and costs for utilizing natural gas. This book should appeal to anyone with an interest in developing, pricing, and selling gas.

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